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How to hire offshore HR and recruitment officers?

The process of hiring offshore is similar to hiring locally. We’ll help you determine what your hiring needs are and create a detailed job profile based on your specific needs. Our recruitment team will choose qualified candidates from our pool and take care of their initial screening. We’ll then present you with a shortlist of best fits to fill the roles you need. You can then further screen candidates to find the best fit for your company. After you select the right candidates, you’ll then work with our IT department to set up everything needed for a smooth transition to include offshore staffing.

Offshore recruitment for jobs in Canada

If you’re a business owner or manager who’s thinking about using an offshore outsourcing recruitment company, you probably have questions about how the process works, how you can ensure your needs are met, and more. We've identified the following steps for successful BPO staffing services:

Strategy, Planning & Budget

We’ll review your organizational structure with you and work to identify any roles that could be offshored in a way that could help your company. KMER Outsourcing will conduct an offshore readiness assessment and develop a budget with you. After a business case assessment, we’ll develop a roll-out plan and pilot program for your offshoring.

Team Establishment

We’ll identify the roles you need to fill as well as the requirements that need to be met. After putting an experience, training, and testing framework in place, we’ll then work to acquire the talent you need. Afterward, client management and staff induction programs will help inform everyone in your company who needs to know about how offshoring will work.

Security Compliance

It’s essential to keep data secure and meet any privacy compliance requirements when some of your work is being completed offshore. We’ll identify applicable standards for compliance for your industry and create a data storage and access plan as well as a privacy plan to make sure the standards are met. In addition, we’ll conduct an assessment of physical requirements for compliance.

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Client Support with Operational Excellence

KMER Outsourcing will put an external and internal communications plan in place. We’ll also conduct a process and systems review and an IT infrastructure review.

After everything is set up and running smoothly, our work continues. We’ll allocate a client care supervisor for you and conduct an analysis of annual training needs as well as annual staff satisfaction. We’ll also conduct quarterly client care meetings to ensure your company’s needs are being met.

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