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How Our Bilingual Business Process Outsourcing Company Can Help

English & French Support Services

We outsource from Cameroon, which, just like Canada, has both English and French as its official languages. This makes it an ideal location for us to connect with workers that have the knowledge and skills Canadian businesses need.

Reduced Labour Costs with Offshore Staffing

Labour costs represent a large percentage of most companies’ expenses. If you’re able to save in this area on an ongoing basis, it can greatly help your company’s bottom line.

Outsourcing in Cameroon Provides Extended Hours

In addition to hiring qualified bilingual workers while saving money, English and French outsourcing to Cameroon lets you have support for extended hours. Yaoundé, Cameroon is 5 hours ahead of Toronto, so having employees in this area of the world enables you to greatly expand the hours your company has support.

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Employment Opportunities Where Jobs are Needed

As a proud partner of the FACE Coalition, a non-profit organization that aims to accelerate wealth creation for Canadians of African descent, outsourcing in Cameroon enables us to have a broad reach.

We’re able to provide employment opportunities to hard-working people in a developing African nation where jobs are needed. 

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Labour Costs

Since the rate of pay is much lower in Cameroon than it is in Canada, you’ll be able to provide workers there with good livable wages while saving on your labour costs. Additionally:

  • You can still fill dynamic roles locally and continue to provide jobs to Canadians as well.
  • Outsourcing some of your workforce enables you to pay for the amount of work you need rather than hiring employees to fill a full-time position when the amount of work may not warrant full-time hours.
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Personalized Support Across Many Industries

You’ll be able to provide the personalized service that helps you have satisfied customers who are loyal to your company. Having bilingual outsourced employees offshore also illustrates your commitment to embracing diversity.

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