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Offshore Business Process Outsourcing


During the first stage of your relationship with our offshore business process outsourcing company, we’ll get to know the product and services you provide as well as the customers and potential customers who need these products and services. We’ll work with you to identify any problems and will provide suggestions that will bring solutions to these issues, such as lead generation or customer service improvements.

Test Campaign

A test campaign will give us - and you - a clear understanding of how clients respond to your products and services. The campaign doesn’t have a set time frame since it’s customized based on factors such as the type of service we need to deliver.


When the test campaign is complete, we’ll generation a report based on the information and data it yields. You can, if you wish, actively take part in campaign outreach and monitoring to ensure high success and conversion rates. The report will be presented to you, and we'll discuss it with you so you can assess and evaluate it.

offshore outsorcing CRM set up

CRM Set up/Contact List Generation

Making sure that we clearly understand your needs, we’ll set up a test campaign. If you have your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we’ll work to implement this or will integrate it without our own systems.

For sales and lead generation, we can take a two-pronged approach. We can buy targeted lists, and we also have the expertise provided by an in-house IT specialist who utilizes web scraping techniques to build calling lists. This enables you to get quality leads that meet your specifications.

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Contact us today to find out more about what KMER Outsourcing can offer your business. If you choose to partner with our BPO staffing services, we'll get to know your company's specific needs and will help you improve your results.

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We then review the details of your test campaign with you, providing feedback and making specific recommendations on how your company could make improvements that will yield better results.At this point, we’d be happy to discuss potential additional work agreements if this suits your needs.

how KMER offshoe outsourcing works
FACE coalition

Proud Partners of the FACE Coalition

In addition to the business services we provide, KMER Outsourcing is a proud partner of the FACE Coalition. This Black-led, bilingual non-profit organization focuses on providing resources and information to help accelerate wealth creation for Canadians of African descent. It partners with the Government of Canada to help Black business owners access capital investments, working capital, and other resources to help them expand.

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