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Advantages of Call Centre Outsourcing Services

KMER Outsourcing offers call centre outsourcing services that are based in Cameroon. All call centre workers are English/French bilingual, which is an ideal fit for Canadian businesses.

The time difference between Canada and Cameroon is not an issue, since you’ll be able to choose the hours they work. Yaoundé, Cameroon is 5 hours ahead of Toronto, so your customers will have greater access to support staff. They’ll have shorter hold and wait times, leading to greater productivity and customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to afford more staff for more shift coverage for around the clock support.

Additionally, if you have one season that’s busier than others, you’ll be able to have the additional coverage you need while only paying for those hours of work. In times where you don’t need as much call centre support, you don’t have to worry about paying workers if there’s not enough to do.

Outsourcing repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as call centre work allows you to save additional money since the rate of pay in Cameroon is lower than it is in Canada. You’ll be able to pay competitive, livable wages while still paying less than you would for Canadian workers. With call centre outsourcing services, you can protect your local team from burn out, allowing them to focus on higher value work. The end result is overall higher productivity and revenue for your company.

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Commonly Outsourced Call Centre Roles

Commonly outsourced call centre roles include:

Chat Managers

Call Centre Phone Agents

Debt Collection Specialists

Inbound and Outbound Call Support

IT Support Specialists

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