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How Our Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Company Can Help

By partnering with KMER Outsourcing, your business can reap the substantial benefits of getting some of your work performed in another country.

A Bilingual Workforce

We outsource from Cameroon, which gives us and the companies we help a substantial advantage. That’s because, like Canada, Cameroon’s official languages are French and English, so you’ll be able to have employees who are bilingual in the languages you need.

Saving on the Cost of Labour

Labour is a major expense for most businesses, so the savings provided by BPO staffing services can have a large impact on your company’s success.

Getting the Help You Need

BPO staffing services are perfect for the roles you have trouble filling at home, so you won’t be taking jobs away from Canadians. You’ll be freeing up in-house resources while filling more dynamic roles locally.

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Cost of Labour

Instead of paying full-time wages when there’s not enough tasks to take up full-time hours, you’ll be able to pay for the work you need to have done. You won’t have to pay the growing, recurring costs of benefits, and you’ll also be able to save money on wages. Workers are paid less in Cameroon than in Canada, so you’ll be able to pay your offshore employees competitive, livable wages.

You’ll be able to lower overhead expenses and reduce the need for additional in-house employees. And instead of limiting your labour pool to your existing employees or potential workers close to your geographic area, you’ll have access to more job seekers and may be able to find specialists to provide skills your employees lack.

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Become More Profitable

By utilizing our offshore business process outsourcing company, you’ll save time and be able to focus on your core business. Offshore employees also help you scale your business while enabling you to provide 24/7 availability. Your company will also see an increase in productivity and efficiency, which will help it grow further.

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Dedicated Support Across Many Industries

KMER Outsourcing provides a Dedicated Account Manager to partner with you. We’ll learn about your company's needs and will work with you to customize solutions to your challenges. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our innovative technologies to help your business connect with the labour it needs.  Contact us today for help in filling your company’s labour needs offshore. We’ll learn about you and your business’ needs so we can customize a plan to increase your productivity and growth while reducing expenses.

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