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Outsource Your Marketing and Creative Tasks

With offshore digital marketing services outsourcing staffing, you can get the expertise you need more easily and inexpensively. You don’t have to pay full-time wages if there aren’t enough tasks to take up full-time hours, and you won’t have to pay for benefits.

Marketing and Creative Support Areas to Outsource

The following are some areas of expertise that are a good fit for offshore digital marketing services outsourcing staffing:

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing 

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

television advertising

Television Advertising

email marketing

Email Marketing

mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising

radio advertising

Radio Advertising

marketing outsource offshore

Outsource to Offshore

Depending on your type of business, you may have employees who have a completely different skill set than what’s needed for marketing and creative tasks. And hiring your own staff onsite for these types of tasks can be extremely costly. You’ll either be understaffed and not have enough employees to handle the work you need, or you’ll need your employees to fill many roles - some of which they won’t have experience or expertise in. These include a digital marketing manager, graphic designer, social media manager, and content writer, just to name a few. And paying for benefits for these employees adds even more to the cost.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing

Since KMER Outsourcing outsources jobs from Cameroon, you’ll be able to save money on wages. As Cameroon’s rate of pay is much less than Canada’s, you’ll be able to pay good, livable wages that are less than what you’d pay Canadian workers. You can use this option for roles you may have difficulty filling at home, and still be able to fill dynamic roles locally.

In addition, since Cameroon’s official languages are English and French, just like Canada’s, it’s the ideal location for Canadian companies to find workers who are fluent in the languages they need without worrying about a language barrier.

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