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Finance and Accounting Tasks 

Offshore finance and accounting workers can help with a large variety of essential tasks. This includes creating budgets to help you plan for the future. Offshore workers can also monitor your company's financial health, so you'll know if you're meeting revenue goals and if your expenditures fit within your projected cash flow. And they can also take care of bookkeeping and payroll tasks. With these tasks taken care of, you're free to focus on your core business.

Financial Support Roles to Outsource

The following are some of the financial support roles that are a good fit for outsourcing:

general accounting

General Accounting

accounts payable specialist

Accounts Payable Specialist

accounts receivable specialist

Accounts Receivable Specialist



payroll specialist

Payroll Specialists

claims analyst

Claims Analyst

financial advisor

Financial Advisor


Underwriter & more...

outsource finance and accounting tasks

Saving Money

KMER Outsourcing connects you with qualified, motivated workers in Cameroon, which offers several key advantages. The country’s official languages are also English and French, making it a perfect fit for Canadian employers, with many Cameroonian recruits being fully bilingual. Since the rate of pay is much lower there compared to Canada, you can save money while still paying competitive, livable wages for roles you have difficulty filling in Canada.

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Hire Qualified Bilingual Accounting Professionals

With financial services BPO staffing recruiting, you’ll save money since you won’t have to pay full time wages if there aren’t enough tasks to take up full time hours. You also won’t have to pay benefits, an ongoing expense that can be very costly over time. These advantages can make your company more efficient while helping you save money. And with financial support roles being handled offshore, your local teams will be freed up to focus on strategy and decision-making functions rather than the day-to-day numbers crunching

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Find out if outsourcing financing and accounting tasks would be a good fit for your business. If so, you’ll work with a dedicated account manager to determine your needs and fulfill them with financial services BPO staffing recruiting.

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