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Outsource Your Engineering & Drafting

KMER Outsourcing is an offshore engineering BPO staffing company that can connect you with the engineering and drafting workers you need. As a result, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your overhead expenses including those related to office space, saving your company money that can be spent on developing new business and other costs. As a company owner or manager, you can keep your focus on your core business and its growth and innovation.

Engineering and Drafting Roles that Can Be Outsourced

The following are a few of the engineering and drafting roles KMER Outsourcing can help you fill:

quantity surveyor

Quantity Surveyor

site estimator

Site Estimator

electrical engineer

Electrical Engineer

mechanical engineer

Mechanical Engineer

structural engineer

Structural Engineer

project manager

Project Manager





experienced Engineering & Drafting outsouring

Experience and Expertise

If your company is relatively small and doesn’t have a large budget to devote to engineering and drafting, BPO staffing services can provide you with a high level of experience and expertise. Your outsourced workers will be able to improve your turnaround time for key engineering and drafting projects since you won’t have to place more responsibilities on your limited in-house staff. 

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Saving Money and Increasing Coverage

Our offshore engineering BPO staffing company will connect you with qualified, motivated workers in Cameroon, where the typical rate of pay is much lower than it is in Canada. You’ll be able to pay your offshore workers more than local employers in Cameroon while still reaping substantial savings.  Furthermore, your business won’t have to pay for full time hours if you don’t have enough work to take up this amount of time. You’ll also save since you won't need to pay employee benefits.

Having workers in a different time zone will help you have 24/7 coverage for your needs. You won’t have to hire multiple in-house employees for this type of coverage but will have the expertise and labour available when you need it.

engineering & drafting offshore outsourcing
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