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An Improved Bottom Line

You’ll save on labour costs since the rate of pay in Cameroon is much less than in Canada. Your company will be able to pay offshore employees more than employers in their country, so you’ll be helping to provide competitive, livable wages. You can pay for the amount of work you need instead of automatically paying full-time wages (and associated benefits) if they’re not needed, which can significantly lower the cost of labour. This can greatly improve your bottom line, as labour can be one of the greatest ongoing expenditures in business.

Administrative Tasks that Can be Outsourced

The following are just a few of the tasks we can help you build a well qualified offshore team to handle:

answering phone calls

Answering Phone Calls

transcribing data

Transcribing Data

entering data

Entering Data

managing appointments

Managing Appointments & Schedules 

preparing meeting minutes

Preparing Meeting Minutes


Translating English to French & French to English 

benefits outsourcing administrative tasks

Additional Benefits 

Since these are positions you may have trouble filling at home, you won’t be taking jobs away from Canadians. You can fill more dynamic roles locally and outsource what you need to. In addition, you’ll have staff in another time zone, so you’ll have extended staff coverage that can give you greater productivity.

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Helping Businesses Connect with the Employees they Need

We’ve helped companies in many industries - including insurance, retail, and financial services - increase their productivity and efficiency by connecting them with the offshore employees they need. This frees companies to focus on their core business.

Our BPO staffing services are based in Cameroon, which is a perfect fit for the Canadian market since English and French are both the official languages of Cameroon just as they are in Canada.  We’ll provide you with 24/7 availability, and your company will have a dedicated account manager. We’ll work closely with you to determine exactly what your needs are and how we can help fill them and connect you with workers who have the qualifications you need.

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Learn more about how we can increase your company’s productivity and bottom line by outsourcing administrative jobs as well as others including customer service, marketing and creative, and IT.

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